The Blue Zoo Story

Blue Zoo emerged from the post-punk Blitz scene that defined the early 80’s brandishing their glam influences with pride and shared with us a uniquely eclectic new wave/pop repertoire. A live act full of showmanship and brash-flash attitude saw them as forerunners to a number of bands, including Suede, Mansun and Republica in the 90’s. Fast forward to today and gone is the once marketable pretty boy band image; instead enter the edgy, sexy, wild yet mature sound of four men that do not owe anyone in the music industry an apology. Blue Zoo showing the music industry how it should be done!

The unique, robust sound and energy of the band was immediately in demand with sell out gigs in and around London venues such as The Marquee, The Moonlight and The Greyhound. They played at numerous polytechnics and universities up and down the country and even found themselves supporting U2, TWICE!! They themselves were supported by artists such as Howard Jones & headlined with The Associates.

Magnet Records signed the band in 1981 where three hit records ensued; Cry Boy Cry reaching number thirteen in the charts, Forgive & Forget and I’m Your Man. They released their album 2×2 in 1982 with an eclectic collection of songs which have stood the test of time and still drive a resounding response from audiences today.

Blue Zoo’s popularity quickly extended outside the UK with strong support in other countries such as Israel, where Cry Boy Cry reached number 6 in the charts and a Blue Zoo tour. In Asia another of their songs was receiving much attention, a heart wrenching ballad called Love Moves in Strangeways. Although it was in extremely high demand, countries such as The Philippines had to rely on bootleg copies!

Over a three year period, Blue Zoo were featured in numerous media articles and TV performances which included The Oxford Road Show and Top of the Pops but fame and glory burned hot and fast in the 80s and by the end of 1983 the Blue Zoo had disbanded.

Andy O went on to form several bands including the Motherhive which secured a publishing deal with Warner Bros in the early 1990s. Tim Parry turned his interest toward music management and joined forces with Jazz Summers to form Big Life Records and management. Mickey Sparrow continued playing the drums for various music projects which included colluding with Paul Roberts from The Stranglers. Mike Ansell left the music business to pursue a career in property development.

Fast forward to 2009 with the resurgence of the 1980s music scene, Andy O, Mike Ansell and Mickey Sparrow reformed Blue Zoo and twelve months later were back on the London music scene performing at numerous clubs aided by a handful of promoters. The sound is better than ever and Andy O owns the stage with his unique, sometimes frenetic moves, limitless vocal range and emotionally charged performances. The drums yield to their brilliant master, Mickey Sparrow as he relentlessly and skillfully drives them through their paces and Mike Ansell is solid and unmatched in his charismatic bass performance.

Lead guitar is now in the hands of the dynamic Tom E Morrison, who shares Andy O’s youthful looks and magnetic personality to engage and rock the live audience.

Gone is the once marketable pretty boy band image; instead enter the edgy, sexy, wild yet mature sound of four men that do not owe anyone in the music industry an apology. Blue Zoo is back!!

The band is in the process of re-recording ten tracks for a forthcoming release and orchestrating a tour of East Asia, Russia and Germany.