The Band

Andy O – Singer-Writer-Frontman

Andy O-Blue Zoo-Manila


Andy O has been in the music business since he was a newly discovered eighteen year old performing for a wildly successful local Essex punk band, The Rave. He was immediately brought up to London to be lead vocalist and frontman for Modern Jazz which soon after became Blue Zoo. After a successful but tumultuous three year journey with Blue Zoo the band went their seperate ways. Andy went on to form various bands such as Sky West and Crooked and The Motherhive, throughout the mid to late 80’s into the early 90’s, he secured a publishing deal with Warner Bros. Andy worked on numerous musical projects such as North Circular Breathing, prior to Blue Zoo reforming in 2010.

Micky Sparrow – Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals

BlueZoo_IMG9967 2 copy

Micky continued playing the drums for various music projects including the Boomerang Gang and Big Bam Boo alongside bassist Mike Ansell.  He then toured internationally with Nina Cherry during the late 80’s and teamed up with old Modern Jazz keyboardist David Wolfson on Blue Eyes in the early 90’s. He had further collaboration with the (modern) Stranglers singer Paul Roberts.

Mike Ansell – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Blue Zoo, an iconic 80's new-wave band, perform live in Manila at the Hardrock Cafe.

Apart from his involvement with the Boomerang Gang and Big Bam Boo following the Blue Zoo split, Mike essentially left the music business to pursue a career in property.

Tom E  Morrison – Lead & Rhythm Guitar


Guitarist and newest member to Blue Zoo. Tom has longevity in the music industry and has worked in an eclectic musical arena ranging from mixing and engineering for renowned UK band Underworld, remixing for P. Diddy’s label, Bad Boy, to writing and producing music for International feature films, TV shows, Games, Solo Artists and Bands.